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First State Robotics and FRC team #365 the Miracles of Engineering (MOE) would like to assist new teams offset beginners costs by providing sponsorship support. The criteria for this sponsorship is as follows:

Sponsorship Levels:

  • First Year Teams will receive a $100 sponsorship.
    • "First Year Team" is defined as a team that did not exist previously in the school or organization prior to that year.  A team that has a new mentor and/or new students in a school or organization is not a First Year Team if that school or organization had an FLL team the previous year that did not reform.  The team is defined by the school or organization, not its members.
  • Second Year Teams will receive a $50 sponsorship.
    • Same criteria applies as above for First Year Teams.
  • There will be no sponsorship support beyond a team's second year.

Team Requirements for Sponsorship Eligibility: For a team to obtain MOE sponsorship, a team is required to:

  • Be officially registered for the year in question with U.S. First.
  • Reside in Delaware (all counties)  or southern New Jersey (Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Cape May, and Atlantic counties).
  • Attend a First State FIRST LEGO League Event as an official participant.
  • Incorporate the word "MOE" or the acronym "M.O.E." in their officially registered team name.

To apply for sponsorship, please provide the following information to Eric Cheek at flldsu(at)gmail(dot)com:

  • Team Number (as assigned by U.S. FIRST).
  • Team Name (remember it has to have "MOE" or "M.O.E." incorporated in it).
  • School of Organization the team is affiliated with.
  • Contact Name and Mailing Information.
  • And state whether you are a New Team (First Year Team) or a Returning Team (Second Year Team).

Sponsorship checks will be mailed to eligible teams in early January.

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